Ben Valasek and The Growlers Bio:

Ben Valasek is a Pittsburgh area veteran singer-songwriter that has been involved in many previous recognized groups (Distinguished Gentlemen/Common Ground, The Awakening Ritual) and has shared the stage with the following notable local, regional and national acts:  

Gaelic Storm, Tony Lucca, Josh Hoge, The Coal Men, Natalia Zuckerman, The Clarks, Julian Velard, The Tymes, The Marcells, The Jaggerz, The Monkees, The Contours, Johnny Angel and the Halos and others.

“Ben Valasek’s musical journey is not one that could have been scripted.  How many musicians start out singing a cappella music, switch to indie rock, take a hiatus to start a family, then emerge as a singer-songwriter?”  Rege Behe (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Now, take his musical resume and combine it with three seasoned musicians (Michael Starr, Ron Leard, and Zach Wolfe), who are influenced by The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead, and lock them in a hunting camp for three days with four carloads of recording equipment, and you get the debut album ,“Time Waits for No One”, by Ben Valasek and the Growlers.

After receiving widespread attention for his previous solo album, “Under the Peach Tree”, Ben Valasek has spent the last two years writing, gigging endlessly, and assembling the Growlers.  When these guys aren't kayaking or brewing beer, they are playing music to audiences everywhere and gaining attention for their sound.  This sound is now available to take home with the release of “Time Waits for No One” on June 1, 2013.